Beesham Soogrim

Sourdough and natural fermentation

Work as a vegetarian Chef at Iskcon from 1987-1992.
Almviks Gård, Järna Sweden
Work as a chef at Krishna Cuisine, Oslo Norway 1992 -1996
Help to open Krishna Cuisine in 1992
My own Vegetarian restaurant 1997-1998 in Södertälje Sweden
Work as a chef At Mening green, Malmö Sweden 1999- 2002
Work as a chef and Baker at Stiftelsen Holma 2003- 2009. Holma Höör

Work as a chef at Vega Vegetarisk restaurant 2009-2010, Oslo Norway
Help opening Vega vegetarisk Restaurant in 2009.
Work as a chef and baker at Stiftelsen Holma 2011-2016
Work as master baker teaching about natural fermentation since 2013, Travel
to different countries to teach about Natural fermentation.
I have worked together with the world and European champion in Baking Ezio
Marinato and Josep Pascual.

Today I am a very well known master Baker threw the social media on
Instagram and Facebook.

The countries I have been doing my own International workshop is . Bulgaria 5 times, Holland 5times, Italy 3 times, Belguim 2 times, Israel 2 Times, Serbia 4
times, Spain 3 times, Mauritius 3 times, Singapore 4 times, Taiwan, Greece 3 times for proffersional bakers. Cyprus, USA, Russia St Petersburg, Ukraine.
India 2 times, Bangkok.

I have been part of the jury in a bread competition in Hungary 2018. I am one of the original members of The Quest for Sourdough.
Have my own baking workshop at Stiftelsen Holma where people comes from all over the world. USA, Mexico, Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait, Italy,
Romania,Hungary, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Island, Australia, Philipine,
France, Singapore

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