Quentin Bailly

Artiste Chocolatier

Born in the North, Quentin Bailly is a creative and passionate man. Adept contests, he becomes in 2013 World Champion of Pastry.

It is through his work for big houses and his encounters  with the best chocolate pastry chefs that he develops an undeniable talent.

Quentin Bailly is a lover, a chocolate enthusiast but what he loves above all is the greed!
In true “epicurious” Quentin is always in search of the best wines to make delicate and bold chocolate candies.

The best cocoas

The cocoas he selects come from all over the world and each of them is carefully chosen for its great taste qualities. Always in search of new flavors,  Quentin Bailly is a creative who works to make you addict.

His Rewards

– World Pastry Champion 2013
– Voted Best Hope of Pastry 2013
– Winner of the International Festival of Culinary Photography with photographer Jean-Bernard Lassara (Ginko)
– Winner of the Trophy Pascal Caffet
– 4th place at the World of Olympics of Crafts 2005 in Helsinki

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